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Bangalore One provides the services of BESCOM to the citizen of Bangalore, by means of Viewing and Payment of Electricity Bills. BESCOM has incorporated RAPDRP Model for Bangalore District for which a new bills have been generated, comprising Account Number instead of RR Number and Subdivision. Bangalore One is integrated this service also to facilitate the Bangalore citizens.

BESCOM Services available with BangaloreOne Centres

Viewing and Payment of Bills by Account Number (RAPDRP Model)

  • Citizen can furnish Electricity bill or Bill details (Account Number) to pay through Bangalore One centers spread across the city.
  • Here Account Number is mandatory to retrieve Bill information.
  • Manual Entry is not allowed for this service.
  • Available Pay Modes are Cash, Cheque, DD and Credit Card.
  • Citizen can pay multiple bill payments with single pay mode i.e. Cash, Cheque or DD.
  • DD or Cheque should be in favour of Bangalore One and it must belong to any of the RBI recognized banks.
  • No partial payment is allowed.

BESCOM Services available in Bangalore One Portal

Viewing and Payment of Bills by Account Number (RAPDRP Model)

  • Citizen can pay Electricity Bill payment through Bangalore One Portal ( Payments will be handled in highly secured manner.
  • Citizen has to furnish Account Number to retrieve Bill information. Verify retrieved information before submit the transaction
  • Manual Transaction is not allowed through Bangalore One Portal.
  • Pay Mode can be done through Net Banking Debit/Credit Card. We accept VISA, MASTER CARDS and AMEX CARDS.
  • Be sure of the amount entered before submit the transaction. Amount field will not accept '.' (dot).
  • *Ex: Instead of entering 250.00 Rs, 25000 Rs will be accepted from your credit card.
    *To avoid above mentioned issue, Enter amount without decimals Ex: 250.
    *Anyways you will be shown lot of disclaimers to get confirmation to proceed the transaction.

  • A Receipt will be generated on successful transaction specifying the unique B1 Transaction Number along with bill details.
  • Multiple Bill Payment option is not available
  • No Partial Payment is allowed.

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