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Citizens of Karnataka are provided an extended facility to pay Police Verification Form Fees through KarnatakaOne Centers. Police Department is integrating collection of fee for Police Verification Form with KarnatakaOne. Citizens are requested Police Verification for various Government or Private purpose for which citizen has to visit to respective Police Station under which jurisdiction applicant's address fall in. Citizen can furnish the KarnatakaOne Receipt to the respective Police Station to avail the requested service.

Now Citizen can avail Application Forms at KarnatakaOne Centers. Citizen can duly fill the Application form and pay the fees for respective service and can submit the same to the respective Police station to avail the service.

Services available at KarnatakaOne Centres

Collection of Fees for Police Verification Services

Citizen has to furnish duly filled Application Form and Purpose. On selection of Purpose Fee allotted for the respective purpose will be displayed. Citizen availing this service through KarnatakaOne should be resident of Karnataka and address to be verified should belongs to Karnataka State (Rural and Urban) only. Pay modes are Cash and Credit Card.

List Of Police Verification Services

  • PVC/PCC for Job Purpose to MNCs/Private/Corporate & Others ANTECEDENTS VERIFICATION ONLY (as per police station records)
  • PVC/PCC for Job Purpose to MNCs/Private/Corporate & Others ANTECEDENTS & ADDRESS VERIFICATION amount to be paid by the company
  • PVC for job aspirants (General) ANTECEDENTS & ADDRESS VERIFICATION
  • PVC for Domestic servants/House Keeping ANTECEDENTS VERIFICATION ONLY
  • PVC for Domestic servants/House Keeping ANTECEDENTS & ADDRESS VERIFICATION
  • PVC for Marriage Alliances ANTECEDENTS VERIFICATION.
  • PVC for Training/Apprenticeship at Public sector undertakings or Trainees/Workers working on daily wages at Government Institutions ANTECEDENTS VERIFICATION.
  • PVC for NCC/NSS Students attending training camps ANTECEDENTS VERIFICATION
  • PVC for Cooli/Loader/Class IV security staff/supervisor at Airport (Individual applicants only) ANTECEDENTS VERIFICATION
  • PVC for Central/State Government Employees request directly by employee ANTECEDENTS VERIFICATION
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for going abroad (Visa for studies)
  • Verification and comparison of Finger Print
  • Application Fee for Amplifier Sound System Permission
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for Foreign Nationals
  • Verification of Stolen & Recovered Motor Vehicle Report Fee
  • Extra 10 Certified Copies for Verification and Comparision of Finger Print
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for Indian Citizens

Police Verification Forms

Citizen can avail the Application forms at KarnatakaOne Centers. Application Form is available in two languages, English and Kannada. KarnatakaOne charges per application form is Rs. 10/-.