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Evolution of KarnatakaOne

Evolution of KarnatakaOne

Government of Karnataka with a vision to provide integrated services to the citizens deploying the tools of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) launched "Bangalore One" in April 2005.

Bangalore One is one of the flag ship projects of Government of Karnataka and has been one of the best projects in India, in delivering citizen services.

Delivery of services with an enhanced speed, convenience, reliability and transparency has won many accolades from public.

Responses from citizens have been very encouraging and more than 2 crore transactions have been registered with a turnover of more than Rs. 2000 crores Buoyed by the success of BangaloreOne, Government of Karnataka has decided to replicate Bangalore One to other cities of Karnataka.

Vision & Mission of KarnatakaOne

Vision & Mission of KarnatakaOne

The Vision of the Karnataka One project is

"To provide a single interface for anytime anywhere citizen centric services of the government and private businesses in an integrated, convenient, fair, effective, secure, sustainable and citizen friendly manner using multiple delivery channels through the use of IT tools".

The Mission of the Karnataka one project is to be "One Stop Shop for Non Stop Citizen Services".

The vision of KARNATAKAONE is to eventually bring all the G2C and G2B services within the purview of KARNATAKAONE project as a single interface so as to obviate the need for citizens and business people to visit the Government offices except for specialized and complex services.

Objectives of KarnatakaOne

    Objectives of KarnatakaOne
  • Initially, to provide G2C services in a convenient and efficient manner through the Integrated Citizen Service Centers being set up in five municipal corporations of the State.
  • To scale up the operations to cover eventually all the G2C services throughout the five municipal corporations.
  • To become a single interface for all Government to citizen transactions.
  • To enhance the accountability, transparency and responsiveness to citizen’s needs.
  • To provide cost-effective methods of service provision to the departments and agencies.
  • To provide efficient and real-time MIS and EIS to the departments.
  • To mange the service provision through partnership with a consortium of Service Providers, to be selected through a competitive bidding process.
  • To ensure speed and certainty of providing the services through enforcement of a Service Level Agreement with the selected Partner.
  • To enable the government departments and agencies to focus on their core functions and responsibilities by freeing them from the routine operations like collection of revenues and accounting, issuing of certificates etc, and thereby enhance the overall productivity of the administrative machinery.
  • Enforce accounting, issuing of certificates etc, and thereby enhance the overall productivity of the administrative machinery
  • Provide a satisfactory citizen user experience
  • Improve service quality and innovation
  • Provide a single long running dialogue across all business functions and customer access points for an integrated service delivery at one point.
  • Provide a secure, scalable and reliable interface to the users

Salient Features of KarnatakaOne

    Salient Features of KarnatakaOne
  1. Services of multiple Government Departments and Private Companies available under one roof (ONE STOP SERVICE) and hence expected to save time and costs.
  2. Services will be available from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM on all 365 days, except on those days specifically declared as holiday by e-Governance Department.
  3. Services available on any service, any center, any counter basis and hence expected to save time and costs.